Promo for Wedding Venue

Camera (Gimbal) and Editor

Lumix G80/Laowa 7.5mm

Wedding Montage Highlights


Final Cut Pro X & After FX

Property Advert

Camera (Gimbal) & Editor

Lumix G80, Evo Rage gimbal, Laowa 7.5mm, 19mm Panasonic), Edited on Premiere Pro

Music video cuts

Camera (Gimbal) & Editor

Lumix G80 . Laowa 7.5mm and EVO RAGE gimbal. Final Cut Pro X and After FX

Frank Bello Bass Clinic

Camera & Editor/VFX

Highlights of the bass clinic by Anthrax's Frank Bello in Glasgow. 

Canon 100D/5D. Final Cut Pro X/After FX

Green Screen Music Video

Unreleased video for Mickey 9's. 


After FX and Final Cut used with double key of Blue suits on Green screen. 

Kenny's Music

Promotional video for Kenny's Music, shot in their Glasgow branch.

Final Cut Pro X